Scale your Facebook & TikTok Agency Accounts

  •  No spending limits

Prevent restrictions

We help you to become 'compliant' so you don't have to warm up any longer, and avoid unnecessary restrictions

No spending limits

From the first day, the Agency account is set up with no spending limits.

Agency accounts of Facebook

Agency accounts have a "preferred" status within Facebook.

We can help you if you advertise on Facebook and you have:

  • Problems with scaling your ads
  • Pixel set-up issues
  • Personal ad account banned

Our Solution

ROAS Agency is your key to long-term success on Facebook. We assist you and give you access to "Agency accounts" on which we teach you how to scale your business and being compliant.

How to get started?

After purchasing the package, we will contact you and you will be assigned your own account manager. The set-up consists of four steps:

1) Introductory meeting on Zoom

2) Compliance set-up

3) Connect the Agency accounts

4) Start to Advertise

After step 4 you are ready to scale! You can now advertise without your ad account being deleted and you no longer have to deal with spending limits.

We guide you to use Agency accounts without spending limits.

ROAS Agency is the one-stop shop for reliable and long term ad accounts and scaling tactics used by experienced advertisers.

When are you suitable?

Agency accounts are suitable for experienced advertisers only:

  • Experienced advertisers who want to become compliant
  • Marketers with profitable campaigns who want to scale without spending limits
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business exponentially
  • ROAS specialists who want to take it to next level NOW
Concluding: this is for you need if you
  • Do €25.000+ ad spend on Facebook a month
  • Think long-term
  • Cracked the code and had multiple winners
  • Are willing to invest in the growth of your bussines
  • Are ready to scale up care free

Contact us for an introductory meeting and make 2023 your year!


How long, before I am live?
After purchase it takes a week before you can go live, during this week your personally assigned account manager is getting your Agency account ready so you can scale without spending limits.
Where can I take my questions?
Each client has their own contact person, who is always available and will help you when you need it.
What if my personal Facebook profile is banned?
We will explain to you step by step what you need to do to prevent blockages in the future. We have a step-by-step plan ready for you that will be explained in detail by your account manager.
When do I get access to the agency accounts?
After you have purchased the package an account manager will contact you to discuss your needs and to go through a customized plan, after everything is clear we start the compliance process in which we get you ready to use the accounts. Within a few days you will be live.
What is my spend limit with the Agency accounts?
There is no spending limit on the Agency Accounts
What kind of campaigns can I run?
All campaigns that are in line with Facebook's policies. In this regard, our account manager can assist where necessary.
Do you only provide Facebook Agency Accounts ?

TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat and Google Agency Accounts are also available upon request. However, these are very limited and only available to clients with a track-record of high advertising spends.

Is there a possibility to get my already blocked business managers back?
No, we do not offer this. The Agency is only authorized to look at ad accounts that belong to them, so they can get them back in the event of an unexpected block. Please note that the agency does not help with personal restrictions or business manager restrictions.
What does an Agency Account cost?
The Agency account is free - however there is a Digital Advertising Service Fee of €2000.00 per month.
What if my agency account is flagged for policy violation?
This rarely happens. Experience shows that this happens with only 2% of the agency accounts. Should this happen, a new agency account can be prepared on request. Note: since a compliance process has been completed beforehand, no blocking should be possible.
How do I access the agency accounts?
These are personally assigned by your own account manager to your clean and verified business manager.
Can I pay by credit card?
No - These agency accounts work by invoice only. It is possible to work with credit lines. We only work with bank transfer.
What is the minimum spend?
There is no minimum spend. However, the Digital Advertising Service Fee is based on a spend of €25.000 + per month. If you want to use the account but can't or don't want to spend €25.000 + per month that's fine, however the cost will still be €2.000 per month. This minimum spend is calculated as the total spend over the ad accounts in use in that month in case multiple URLs are advertised.
how many agency accounts do I get?
At the time of starting there are three advertising accounts included in the package. If there is a track-record of high spend, and no policy violations have been committed, it is possible to get more advertising accounts at your disposal. Each URL that is advertised has its own ad account.

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